Medical Resource Links

We have provided a few medical resource links below. We hope these medical resources will help you easily find the information you are looking for. For more information about Pulmonary and Sleep Specialists of Northeast Georgia call 770-586-0300.

Sleep Disorder Links

National Center on Sleep Disorders Research
American Academy of Sleep Medicine
American Sleep Apnea Association
National Sleep Foundation
Center for Narcolepsy
Restless Leg Syndrome Foundation
Narcolepsy Network

Pulmonary Medicine Links

American Thoracic Society
American Academy of Chest Physicians
American Lung Association
The Global initiative for chronic Obstructive Lung Disease
Emphysema Foundation For Our Right to Survive
The Global Initiative for asthma
American Academy of Allergy
The Lung Cancer Alliance
Smoking Cessation
Alpha1 Association
Center for Disease Control and Prevention-Division of Tuberculosis Elimination
Pulmonary Hypertension Association

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