Diagnostic Sleep Disorders Center

The Pulmonary and Sleep Specialists of Northeast Georgia Sleep Diagnostics Center is directed by Dr. Rami Arfoosh, who is not only an ABIM Sleep Board Diplomate, but also fellowship trained in the diagnosis and treatment of various sleep medicine disorders including sleep apnea.  Our sleep lab is accredited through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) for both in-lab and home sleep studies.
We strive to meet the highest standards in regards to the quality of our equipment, the qualifications and training of our staff and the cleanliness of our rooms. Each of our private sleep lab rooms has a queen sized bed, a television, and access to a private bathroom equipped with a toilet, shower and a sink. Technicians monitor our patients from a separate monitoring room to ensure your privacy. Apart from the monitoring equipment, the experience will make you feel as if you are in a nice hotel.  

Our sleep center also provides and manages only the top notch DME equipment (CPAP, BPAP, Auto-CPAP) along with a very wide range of supply options. We only provide CPAP equipment that support remote monitoring features to adjust pressure or troubleshoot any issues while the patient is at home saving our patients time and money.
You are never stuck with the mask provided to you. All our masks come with a 30 day satisfaction promise. (Patients may exchange their masks as many times as they wish during the first 30 days at no charge to help them find the best mask that works for them).
For a sleep consultation or to schedule a sleep study please call us at (770) 586-0300 or complete the appointment request on the home page. 
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