Sarcoidosis is a multi-system disease that most commonly involves the lungs. Respiratory symptoms can be nonspecific such as shortness of breath or cough. Systemic symptoms can be fatigue and weight loss, and depending on the organ of involvement, i.e. liver, eyes, skin, heart, etc., symptoms can include rash, heart failure, neuropathy, arthritis, and reduced vision. Sarcoidosis can be suspected when certain findings are seen on chest CT. These include enlarged lymph nodes in the chest and vague infiltrates in the lungs. 

Our practice is equipped to manage sarcoidosis from diagnosis to treatment. Our onsite Pulmonary Function Equipment can evaluate the extent of lung involvement with the disease and enable close monitoring. Our minimally invasive procedures can accurately biopsy and diagnose sarcoidosis. We are up to date on all treatment options for sarcoidosis and can guide you in screening for all other organ involvements.