Sleep Apnea CPAP Therapy

The most common way to treat sleep apnea is the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device. A CPAP device includes a mask, tubes, and a fan. It uses air pressure to push your tongue forward and open your throat. This allows air to pass through your throat. It reduces snoring and prevents apnea disturbances.

You should put your CPAP device on whenever you sleep, even for naps. A CPAP device does not cure sleep apnea. But, when you use the device correctly, your sleep problems should get much better.

Our sleep center provides and manages only the top-notch DME equipment (CPAP, BPAP, Auto-CPAP) along with a very wide range of supply options. We only provide CPAP equipment that supports remote monitoring features to adjust pressure or troubleshoot any issues while the patient is at home, saving our patients time and money. 

You are never stuck with the mask provided to you. All of our masks come with a 30 days satisfaction promise. (Patients may exchange their masks as many times as they wish during the first 30 days at no charge to help them find the best mask that works for them).